Statement & Bio

My artistic work consists of staged photographs of women and girls of different ages.

At the heart of my work are the countless different experiences of girlhood and womanhood with their often contradictory dimensions. I am particularly interested in emotions and embodiment, and the photograph as a tool to portray the connections between the two.

For the affects and moods, I draw on my own memories, but also on the media and other people’s experiences. The works are not strictly autobiographical, nor do they depict scenes from my life or those of the models. Yet their roots are deep in my own world of experience.

Delicate Demons – Episodes of Womanhood is an artistic collaboration with the photographic artist Aino Kannisto to portray a number of different and often conflicting experiences of womanhood. Drawing from a cross-section of age groups, the models on display are ordinary women posing in situations and milieus that have been created especially for the photographs.

Seeking to challenge professional practices and to find new working methods, we have worked closely together, often finding ourselves in new and uncharted territory. Describing the working process as a well-rehearsed dance with a partner, the we took turns in taking the lead, whilst giving the other space for improvisation.

The photographic artist Satu Haavisto (born in 1975) received her MA in photography from the Aalto University School of Art and Design in 2011. She has also received her BSc in social and cultural anthropology, gender studies and social work from the University of Helsinki. She has had solo and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad since 2003. She is based in Helsinki, Finland.